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Jul 10, 2012 10:00pm EDT
myself through a fair number of arduous activities in addition to going up 14ers. i work for cnn. so maybe brian's mother could watch that too and double the viewership for cnn. [ laughter ] bill o'reilly was at my house for dinner the other night with a group of people. i wasn't there. he brought -- >> [ laughter ] >> no, it's fine, it's fine. there were lots of people there. i told bill once, i said, you guys on fox, i love watching fox, but any conservative can be on fox. i said, i'm on cnn. i parachute in behind enemy lines twice a week and sit there on a panel of 14 people to get four words out. and he said -- or maybe it's sean hannity who said, it's very courageous of you bill, very anonymous of you and very courageous of you. no one's watching. what happened thursday in washington was a travesty. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am in john roberts. i cannot tell you how disappointed i am. [ applause ] and i'm going to tell you why. i'm going to tell you why. because i know him. i have a lot of friends of his are friends of mine. i've had dinner with him. i've talked with
Jul 9, 2012 10:30pm EDT
's worked out of cnn's rome bureau and also their beijing bureau as a freelance editor and cameraman covering everything, the seizure of grozny and chechnya, the 1999 earthquake in turkey and the nato bombing of belgrade. to her left is c.j. chivers of "the new york times." chris is simply put, the war correspondent's war correspondent. he is known for his courage, resourcefulness on the battlefield, knowledge of tactics and strategy and finally for his expertise in weaponry, in particular the ubiquitous ak-47 of which he has written a definitive biography, a fascinating and important book called simply "the gun." chris comes from a military family after graduating -- excuse me, i'm getting a cold. after graduating from cornell, he joined the marine corps serving in the gulf war. he was honorably discharged as a captain in 1994. of journalism, and worked at the providence journal in rhode island and joined "the times" in 1999, where he was promptly assigned to cover the cops. part of his legend at the "times" is that on 9/111, he sprinted from police headquarters to ground zero, rema
Jul 10, 2012 4:00pm EDT
. soon to be 54. >> you have family here? >> i do. my brother is a photo journalist for cnn. if you see somebody who looks like me with less hair, that's my younger brother. and dad was upi. >> in the heyday. i was telling mike before we got here, i used to remember we only had one car growing up. o we would take my dad to work this the morning and come back and pick him up in the afternoon. i would look up in the national press club and he would be sitting there typing away, i'm sure a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. probably a bottle of whiskey in the drawer, banging away on an old typewriter and loving every minute of it. >> we're all about to invade the city. >> you are, indeed. i can't wait. what do you hope we'll remember about tampa? >> i think for most people coming to tampa, it's an untapped market. many of the people, some of you in the room have never been to tampa before. for us it's a mid sized american city hosting an international event, that will be the most watched television event in the world this year. tampa is really a place that i hope people walk away with say
Jul 2, 2012 7:00pm EDT
shows, including fox news, nbc, abc, cnn, msnbc, fox business, pbs and c-span, dubbed the scribe by "new york daily news," kibbe is co-author with dick armey of the "new york times" best-seller "give us liberty, a apartment manifesto." please help me welcome matt kibbe to lpr to introduce c.l. bryant. [ applause ] >> how you guys doing? does anyone here believe in freedom? does anyone here think that the government spending too much money it doesn't have? okay. here's the test. does anyone think sometimes as frustrating as it is that maybe you have to beat the republicans before you can beat the democrats? okay. i just wanted to make sure we were in the right place. later on today after lunch, we are showing the colorado premiere of a movie that i am really proud of called "runaway slave." that will be showing right after lunch. i got to tell you, money back guarantee, it's worth your time. it's powerful. up might get a little choked up, but you're definitely going to be fired up after you see this movie. so, please, if you can, stay for that movie. i first met c.l. on september 12th, 20
Jul 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
come and go, and cnn came for a few days and then lost interest. i mean, different channels did come and go and we are the only channel that stayed. we came early from the minute that the revolution started and then we just didn't basically leave until the crackdown was so deep and complete that it wasn't possible to work anymore. >> chris, you have been, spent much of the past year in libya and afghanistan, both. i'm interested especially in libya, because among other things you went into the rebel-held port called misrata, and can you tell us how you got there, and did you have an escape plan at this point to get out, and what is the situation like there covering the rebels in kind of a, with the khadafy forces all around? >> well, misrata was surrounded by three sides and the fourth side was by water. and so the only way in was by boat and when the boats started going, we got on one. we went in for not quite a week, and it was a full-on siege. the people in misrata had started with literally swords and stones and sometimes swords they had made with sheets of metal and welding torc
Jul 10, 2012 10:00am EDT
, as a result of the administration's decisions during the auto bailout. appearing on cnn this sunday, white house chief of staff proclaimed this administration is the most transparent ever. not on this issue. we're going to find out why today. understandably i have serious concerns about how this administration, including the three members of the auto task force we have before us have continued to stonewall, provided silence on these issues and repeated failures to disclose information that are critical to the issues that have affected almost 20,000 people across the country, and that was done with taxpayers' dollars. this is not a venture that was undertaken with your own money. it was undertaken with tax payers' money and the openness that this administration promised needs to be enforced. in part we are here today because the three former auto task force members refuse to meet with, speak to or testify before the special inspector general for the t.a.r.p. program. it is my hope we will shed light on who at the administration made the decision to cut the hard-earned retirement benefits of
Jul 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
developed original programming that led to iconic brands that americans associate with television today. cnn and espn, c-span, discovery, the history channel. these were all creations of the artist and creators of the cable industry working in cooperation with the production community. we were the first to bring about any time, any place shifting through video on demand and dvr. in 1996 when congress called on the community space to introduce telephone competition it was the cable industry that most significantly made impact representing almost 25% of alltel phone servicepgfnñ today. and then there's broad band. truly the cable industry stepped up and led to the mass deployment of cable broad band in the united states now reaching 93% of all homes in america. so we are experiencing in my judgment a truly golden age of television. by almost any metric used, particularly those used by the government and fcc we're experiencing the best we ever have. first and foremost there is simply more content. we've gone from a 1950s world of three channels to hundreds of channels back in '92 to over 900 p
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)